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Food SCP Round Table.

Cava plate made ​​of wood


The color in the vineyards porcellanic


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Temperature difference between the portion of the blade exposed to the sun and staying in the shade.


 Bodegas submerged under water to keep the temperature stable

Porcellanic News

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Porcellanic News

The Sur-Lie and porcellanic porcellanic Dolc Natural Vi have been qualified with the Golden Leaf Award for the excellent quality of the 2013 Vinum Nature better.

Our Xarel·lo instead has been recognized by the Grana Sheet appreciated quality, this very wine scored 91 points in the Parker list, it is not so commercial wine, but really like the experts, which qualify him like a wild natural wine.

Espurnejant BottleNatural Brut Sparkling Espurjejant with Lias already have your ideal drink.

The winemaker Ton Rimbau Vilobí del Penedès has again surprised with a first natural sparkling wine of the Penedès ceramic bottle presented in three quarters.

This wine assaults the nose with notes of baked apple and wine notes breeze. If a minimum of two days is not left upright, sparkling wine is quite murky. It has not been screened and has been raised with their mothers. The wine is fermented in new French oak for seven months battonage. With the fresh juice of the vintage of 2012 was the second fermentation in the bottle without adding sugar. The bottle was brought up under water for two years, since the shot was made in October 2012.

Carbon is well integrated and is crisp, although wine glass just quickly disappearing. More like wine glass, although glass of sparkling is smarter. It is a very surprising, radical and complex sparkling. Like most in the nose than in the mouth, where a marked acidity is perceived.

Botella espumoso espurnejant brut natural cin liasNatural bottle brut sparkling espurnejant liasse cin has made a sparkling wine in the company headquarters Euroselecció, exclusive importer for Spain of Riedel glasses and decanters, and determined that the best drink to enjoy the sparkling Espurnejant not but wine. Specifically, is the white wine glass Riedel Montrachet, Vinum series.

The tasting notes made by winemaker Manuel Aviñó is:

"Golden color, small and shy bubble. Nose where fresh notes of green apple and pear combine water, all beautifully orchestrated with notes of toasted Allier barrels. Palate is sweet, powerful and structured. Tickling bubbles emulsify making long lingering tastes Add Aviñó. "We open a new window in the sensory world."


Copy of the book 100 Catalan wines that you have to know.

Copy of the book 100 Catalan wines that you have to know.

Copy of the book 100 Catalan wines that you have to know.

Artículo de La Vanguardia que habla sobre el legado de los fenicios.
Otra incicativa pretende recuperar el método del pisado de uva que se utilizaba en el antiguo Egipto.
Read more:

Read this article in catalán

Alimentaria 2014



Wines porcellanic in Alimentaria 2014

Porcellanic attended the Food Fair to unveil its four varieties of wine: The Sur-Lie porcellanic the porcellanic xarel.lo, the Wine porcellanic Dolç and sparkling surprise of porcellanic Ton Rimbau method.

Barcelona Television has selected our wines along with other varieties of organic products to this report:

Wines porcellanic in Vinum Nature

Good grades for porcellanic wine list according to Parker 2013-2014

The LIST PARKER has qualified all wines porcellanic granting the following scores:

Parker list page 3

 Parker List page 5


Parker List page 6

Parker list 

23 companies involved in bio Catalan flag Ecological Food Fair 2014

A total of 23 brands certified by the Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPA) will showcase their products in Hall of organic food (n flag. 2 - D30 and D36 plots) organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA) at the Alimentaria 2014 will take place from March 31 to April 3 at the Fira de Barcelona - Gran Via

Other companies involved in bio Catalan event in Catalonia stand with support from the Department of Agriculture, through PRODECA, and some have chosen to stand in own sector pavilions.

In parallel, from 1 to 3 April, the Annual Assembly of the Council of European organic certification (European Organic Certifiers Council, EOCC) formed by various public authorities and private entities that certify organic production in the EU will be held, the CCPA is member

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA), through the Autonomous Communities Pavilion organized organic food in the 2014 Barcelona Food Fair, which takes place in the Gran Via exhibition center (Hospitalet) between 31 Thursday 3rd March and April. The Ministry has offered space to expose the companies, and the Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production has made the selection from a lottery among all the brands that requested their participation. All companies have products authorized by the Board.

Catalonia will have a total of 23 companies showcasing their green products, being the Autonomous Community with the largest presence in the pavilion after Andalusia. And will have a very wide range, reflecting the diversification of Catalan food industry: from fruit and vegetable production, cereals and nuts until meat products and food preparations, through the oil industries, wine and beer, or sectors of the baking and pastry, and tea, coffee and chocolate industries.

Companies participating in the pavilion of the organic food MAGRAMA

  • HORTEC (Barcelona, Spain) - Fruit, vegetables, dairy, nuts
  • NATURAL PRODUCTS CAPELL (Bellvís, Lleida) - Canned tomato juices, creamed vegetables .
  • CAL Valls (Bellpuig Vilanova, Lleida) - Fruit and vegetable canning
  • NUTRI FOODS (Suria, Barcelona) - Preparations vegetable food
  • ECOLOGICAL PYRENEAN (La Pobla de Segur, Lleida) - Veal and Lamb
  • ERREDEVIC (Vic, Barcelona) - Meat and Poultry Products
  • Alternativa3 (Terrassa, Barcelona) - Coffee, tea, chocolate
  • SOLÉ CHOCOLATES (Barbera del Valles, Barcelona) - Chocolate and cocoa preparations
  • PASTRY ARTISANS FARM (Olèrdola, Barcelona) - cookies, muffins, croissants, bread
  • ORGANIC PRODUCTION ROCK CABRERA (Xerta, Tarragona) - extra virgin olive oil
  • MILL COMPANY (Granyena de les Garrigues, Les Garrigues) - extra virgin olive oil
  • MIRO CUBES (Cabacés, Priorat) - extra virgin olive oil
  • CARLANIA BODEGA (Barbera de la Conca, Conca de Barbera) - Liquor, pink, black
  • BODEGA BATEA (Bats, Tarragona) - White wine, black
  • MAS COMTAL (Avinyonet del Penedès, Barcelona) - White wine, pink, black
  • TON RIMBAU ( Vilobí del Penedès , Barcelona) - Sweet wine , white wine
  • CHANNELS AND MUNNÉ (Sant Sadurní, Barcelona) - Cava, white wine
  • Lagravera (Alfarràs , Lleida) - Wine, olive oil
  • MAS DE'N NOGUÉS (Maials, Segrià) - Nuts
  • AGRICULTURAL REPOSITORY (Les Franqueses del Vallés, Barcelona) - dried and cooked vegetables, flour
  • OLD IRTS (Amposta, Tarragona) Rice and pasta
  • BIOCOP biological PRODUCTS (Lliçà Vall, Barcelona) - Cereals, pulses, pastas, soups, sauces
  • BEER CARMEN (Alcover, Tarragona) - Beer

Three wines in the transfiguration of Tutannkhamon for rebirth.

Over twenty amphorae of wine along with various types of food were found in the annex to the tomb of Tutankhamun, discovered intact by Howard Carter in 1922. in the Valley of the Kings (KV 62) at Thebes. Three other amphorae found in the burial chamber between the outer walls surrounding the tomb and the mummified body of King: east. west and the third south. These three types of amphorae containing wine: the amphora along the west wall had red wine, amphora containing white wine east and south Shedeh amphora containing a red wine with a different preparation.

In the
artícle the reason for the presence of these amphorae with the late, unlike other wines found in Annex analyzes, and why were oriented towards three different directions (E, O and S ) and contained the cap that sealed.

See also
Tesis Doctoral de Maria Rosa Guasch Jané.


Egiptian wine


New promotional flyer
Export Team

Flyer Export Team Porcellanic

Invitation Excellence Life BarcelonaPorcellanic exposes their wines in Excellence fair Life Luxury and exclusive Barcelona.

On Sunday 23 February the seventh edition and exclusive Luxury Salon fair opened.

Porcellanic sample their wines at this event, if you wish to attend, you can print your INVITATIONS.

In this room only attendance recommendation is permitted, porcellanic invites you to attend this exciting event where you will find a variety of home furnishings, fashion, gourmet products, jewelry, luxury cars, etc.

Porcellanic en Excellence Libe Barcelona Edición limitada de Porcellànic Sur-Lie equilibrado con color a 1000 Euros la botella.

250Ceramic Eggs replacing traditional French oak barrels.

The first unit ceramic egg porcellanic wines for 2013 is ready, now we have three units and is currently working on a new series of these fantastic containers.

This system is designed for the natural filtration of wine, which is effected by the effect of Brownian particles in suspension, which are deposited at the base of the egg getting a natural filter and very efficient.

Furthermore, while Ton Rimbau you want to get a real taste of a natural wine without the influences exerted by the oak in wine. The result of this experiment can taste it in 2016, we will have to wait.

Ton Rimbau in Enofusión 2014

Natural Wines Porcellanic in Enofusión Madrid 2014

On Wednesday January 29, 2014 the ponendia Ton Rimbau and Joan Valencia was held at the wine tasting held in Enofusión 2014.

This event was attended by over 80 prestigious sommeliers who tasted the wines and listened porcellanic the conference Ton Rimbau offered on the spot.


Natural wines Enofusión 2014

Are the wines natural wines without sulfites?
See you next Wednesday January 29, 2014 at 11:00 in the "Wine Center" from 2014 Enofusión Madrid. 80 sommeliers of the most prestigious restaurants in Spain gathered at this event will be given.

Throughout the tasting will answer the question that titles tasting and will be a good opportunity to know the porcellanic closely.

On Thursday January 30, 2014 post a story on this tasting.

Salut and porcellanic
Ton Rimbau.

New movile app that allows pairing wines with your favorite dishes.

Appmóvil specializing in wine and food pairings of all kinds:
Free Download on iTunes and Android & Android

Seawater and its application to vineyards porcellanic

It is well known that sea water has many beneficial elements for health, have been described so far 89 members and more than 50,000 trace elements have been greatly worked for thousands of years, applied to the plant make assimilate easily trace elements and trace elements not otherwise be contributed to the vines, causing more strains remain strong and healthy.

The essential elements of life, such as zinc, iodine, silicon, selenium, nickel, molibleno, manganese, iron, fluorine, chromium, copper and cobalt are present in seawater these elements are beneficial if applied in its perspective, since their scarcity or excess could become harmful.

Porcellanic has been experimenting with seawater and has managed to remove salt thereby obtained a SEA WATER CONCENTRATE allowing dosing amount more application without worrying about a possible biological or directly stop the death of excess strains salt, getting strains esten all stronger, healthy and vigorous now, for thus clusters more mineralized and therefore our wines increase considerablememte quality, enlarging the aromas and flavors not to say that we will generate new microflora will cause new aromas and flavors in the tasting.

In search of the origins of wine

Create a natural wine today is no easy task, as the quality of the product quantity is prioritized. We know that some of the production lost by not using insecticides, fungicides or chemical production support.

The result of this procedure is very similar to that already made ​​wine the Romans in the origins of wine.

A real natural wine has to take into account issues such as the carbon footprint of the process of production and distribution, Km 0 in everything related to wine production, the particles that are emitted into the air when the vines are worked, and environmental pollution produced by treatments químicos.E

Wine porcellanic meets all the requirements to be met by a natural organic wine, resulting in a product of high quality, as close as possible to the wine taking our ancient ancestors.

Food SCP Round Table.Ton Rimbau wines participating in the pilot test protocol ENVIFOOD (EU Food SCP- RT)

ReMa (ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING) conducted for two consecutive years (2011 and 2012 crops) environmental assessment and certification ( CARBON FOOTPRINT ) TON RIMBAU wines (blanc, escumos dolç) which was certified by AENOR.

In 2013 ReMa has used the methodology and data from studies WINES TON RIMBAU in TEST PILOT conducted by the European Food Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Round Table to reach consensus on the methodology EVALUATION and environmental COMMUNICATION product agri internationally.

The November 20, 2013 , the European Food SCP RT - launched ENVIFOOD Protocol (1.0). The ENVIFOOD Protocol is a scientifically reliable , practical and harmonized environmental assessment of food and drink products methodology. Represents an intermediate step between ISO and Product Environmental Footprint of the European Commission.

ENVIFOOD Protocol version (1.0) incorporates feedback from a public consultation , which was held from November 21 2012 to March 31, 2013. It also takes into account the results of the voluntary pilot tests , which took place from 1 February to 31 August 2013 (in which he has participated RIMBAU ReMa -TON). It was also the result of two scientific workshops organized by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra and detailed methodologies and relevant data analysis for food and beverages.

Paris Vivant restaurant already has porcellanic on its wine list.Paris Vivant restaurant already has Porcellanic on its wine list.

France, as a producer of fine wines and champagnes, is a very difficult market, since their products are of high quality, but we know that the most demanding challenges are also the most attractive and porcellanic once again convinced the French public demanding to get to the restaurant Vivant (landmark in the world of haute cuisine).

Vivant wineries has appropriate for the conservation of natural and organic wines, providing guests with natural wines of the highest quality in his letter.

Ya know, if it goes through the Rue des Petites Écuries, 43 of Paris, do not forget to taste the excellent cuisine Paris, accompanied by wines Porcellanic offering this fantastic restaurant.

Paris Vivant restaurant already has porcellanic on its wine list.

They land natural wines Gourmet Experience Gran Via in the English Court of Madrid.

Porcellanic tasting for press Ton Rimbau and Joan Valencia.

Porcellanic Tasting The Gourmet Experience Gran Via

Ton Rimbau said in his paper, he decided to make natural wines from a day that felt disoriented in their vineyards for the effect of sulfites, sulfur and copper, which warn and suppliers of such substances.
He also talked about how combat pests using spiders and bats as predators in natural wine growing.


Porcellanic Tasting The Gourmet Experience Gran Via of MadridIt is important to follow the guidelines for waxing or waning moon depending on which tasks in the natural cultivation of wine, and the flow of the tides , said Rimbau , who recommended the book " Lunario 2014 ", recently appeared in Espasa Calpe, whose authors are members of that relay team TVE time. Topped with that "we must do things in his day."

I also talk about the current favorable or harmful to the wine store Currys or Hallstat - key for attaining a good wine. Much was also gray and white grenache and other varieties.

The presentation was a success, the porcellanic has shone again.

Ton Rimbau presents its calendar to savor the ultimate expression of his wine porcellanic 2014

Dates and ideal for taking maximum fruit expression
in wine during 2014 porcellanic

  • JANUARY days: 10, 18, 19, 20, 28, 29
  • FEBRUARY days 6, 14, 15, 16, 24, 25
  • MARCH days: 5, 14, 15, 24, 25,
  • APRIL days 1, 2, 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 29
  • MAY days 7, 8, 9, 17, 26
  • JUNE days 4, 5, 14, 22, 23
  • JULY days 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 19, 20, 28, 29, 30
  • AUGUST days 7, 8, 16, 24, 25, 26
  • SEPTEMBER days: 4, 5, 12, 21, 22
  • OCTOBER days: 1, 2, 9, 10, 18, 19, 20, 28, 29
  • NOVEMBER days 6, 14, 15, 16, 24, 25
  • DECEMBER days 3, 4, 12, 13, 22, 23, 30, 31

Porcellanic vinesPorcellanic grape

The day October 30, 2013 has been completed for the porcellanic vintage to be sold in 2015, production has been pushed to the limit, we waited until the most appropriate day for collection assuming the risks involved, since rain or cold could have changed our predictions collection. Finally, an unsuccessful day vintage fruit, proper moon and low tide. We spent six hours of intensive work from 8 to 15.30 pm and from 21 pm the night was finished collecting all the grape vines, which also lasted until the wee hours, it was in this way, not to alter the optimal harvest cycle of the grape.

The grape has been kept refrigerated at 4 º C. until October 30th we proceeded to press. Now we can say that this has been a good year for porcellanic.

Chronicling Porcellanic grape harvest 2013.

Porcellanic winesThe Colombian producer
El Chorro
has published
an article
on his pad on

Porcellanic wines

El Chorro has published an interesting report on his pad, which describes the work done by the winemaker Ton Rimbau in their vineyards. Except for some slight confusion of sulfur with copper sulfate, the rest of the article is very well written and describes with great style and elegance philosophy and the work done porcellanic team.

You can visit this article at the following link.

Porcellanic color in vinesThe color and the vines Porcellanic

Ton Rimbau experiments with color in their vineyards, there have been tasting with sommeliers who claim to have detected changes in the expression of the wine that has been subjected to the influence of a certain color. Ton Rimbau Ferrer continues to experiment with color for a wine as natural as possible and with the highest level
of quality that can be obtained.

Espai Terra program TVTelevision of Catalunya has issued a report about the winemaking porcellanic

TV3 of Barcelona (Catalonia) SpainTon Rimbau Ferrer has appeared in programs Telenotícies Comarques and Espai Terra to show its vineyards and its innovative farming.

TN Comarques de TV3 of Barcelona (Catalonia) Spain

Jancis Rovinson has awarded 17 out of 20 porcellanic wine, placing it among the top 5 wines of Spain


Manel Avinyó, Porcellanic oenologist In full emergence of organic wines, biodynamic and natural in Catalonia, one of the most remarkable eccentricities recently in the Penedes are different reinterpretations of Xarelo by a vintner of Vilobi del Penedes Ton Rimbau. wines, but, have been prepared in Can Ramon winery Montgros Viticultors of Sitges by the winemaker Vilanova Manel Avin. bottled wines presented are ceramics that are tuned to be submerged in water in underground vats nonnegative geobiological areas. Etiquette is wood and hung with string. 're the Penedes xarel ecological natural (without SO2) and craft presented under the brand porcellanic (porcelain). Ton Rimbau even gives not test your wine if it falls on a biodynamic calendar favorable (still lunar phases). Indeed, these wines are bottled in descending waning moon. In the vineyard, which is carved to achieve greater swelling of the earth, reaches the big chandeliers tiger away with a tree branch when it should happen to the tractor. 's care to keep them as natural pesticides. Indeed, these spiders (Argiope bruennichi) are the symbol of their wines.

Now this radical vintner Peneders Vilobi of investors looking to make his own winery in the Penedes Vilobi, overlooking Montserrat, where a giant pool which will submerge the bottles. This pool will be visited by a submersible enotourists transparent booth for several squares. will need a total investment of 1, 9 million. To make this possible want to resort to crowdfunding (crowd funding). Aquática In this winery wants to sell other wine producers in the area. now, besides farmer is dedicated to making wooden boxes, activity which is worth about 80,000 euros per year.

Manel Aviñó highlights are the first white wines without sulfites of Catalonia and fermented with indigenous yeasts. Besides, are not clarified and do not have any additives. According recalls, “these wines open the door to a new dimension, the wines healthy. “

New g
reat Spanish wines

According to Jancis Robinson

Ton Rimbau, Wine porcellanic Sur-Lie xarel.lo 2011 Penedes 17 Drink 2013-2017 The natural wine scene in Spain is a piece of patchwork, and I have to say I really like whites than reds. This is a Xarello Penedes without added sulfur is done in the biodynamic calendar. Rimbau Ton But beyond will: Use ceramic bottles to protect your wine from light (think of those old bottles of beer) and stored in an upright position on a groundwater pool nonnegative geological zones to maintain stable temperature until the wine leaves the winery. vials come with a tag hanging from the neck wood and sealed with wax, all natural as it occurs, making it look unusual. wanted to call this wine "ceramic device," but had some problems with the registration of the name, so his name was porcellanic final, which is a word in Catalan means more or less the same, but refers to porcelain. now beyond these esoteric details, the grapes come from vineyards Xarello 30 years old, planted at 292 meters above sea level in an area called The Llaona. Vineyards is not style, but developing their own ecosystem - like a forest - especially without planting to prevent dust and other particles in the air. Grapes are harvested by hand, gently and subjected to pressure in a vertical press, macerated and fermented in barrels new French oak low temperature. every process is carried out according to the lunar cycles. Aged for nine months in French oak barrels (Allier) on its lees, without added sulfites. A wine of great personality, clearly not made ​​to please all palates. Confused? However, we are not talking about a wine just economic . 're frenta to a wine, different, incense, earth, soil, phenolic, plaster, stone, lees, smoke, mature skin (sometimes entering dangerous territory cider). Sancerres reminds me of Vatan or the white part of the Quinta das Bageiras Bairrada (Portugal). might have some residual sugar, but most often feels very dry, this wine chameleon, always changing.


Article by La Vanguardia on wines porcellanic

Article by La Vanguardia on wines porcellanic

Porcellanic article